Dear World

Words can’t begin to express what happened yesterday, December 14th 2012 in Newton, CT.  Nor can they express the sorrow we feel for the family, friends and neighbours of the victims.  In this time of hopelessness, the tears in heaven extend around the world.

~ we will remember ~
~ we will remember ~

so much hope has been stolen ~ so much innocence has been lost 

As we continue to drive through Texas this morning, we are seeing that the tradegy has affected people everywhere.  All flags, acrosss the state of Texas (perhaps all around the world) remain at 1/2 mast in honor of the victims.  I can only hope that all flagpoles everywhere look and remain the same.

…as did the world…

No answer found or given will ever fill the holes in the hearts of people.  The innocence that yesterday stole will forever remain with us 

From the ‘Our Crazee Adventure’ family … all of our love, our deepest sympathies and our sincerest condolences ~ xoxo

uyvs ~ x0x0

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