My Special Uncle Tummy

Dear Uncle Tummy

Very early this morning, you left us and went to heaven.  I’m grateful that you’re in a place of no pain now but I hurt so much I can’t breathe.  I was going to call and leave a message for you this morning but I was too late.  I know you wouldn’t have been able to talk but I wanted you to hear my voice telling you how much I love you but I waited too long ~ I’m so sorry.  I thought there would be more time ~ but you left so quick and now I’m lost.

I love you Uncle Tummy xoxo

I know my grief is selfish because you are in a pain free place with your dad, brother and sisters … but I still want you here.  Like I said, I’m selfish.

I will always have the memories of when I was little and you and Joyce would babysit and all the times you stayed with us while I was growing up.  I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to have you live with us for those few months a couple of years ago when you had your surgery.  I will always cherish the talks we had, the truths you told me and those months we spent together.

…be my butterfly…


‘Calling all angels, calling all angels
I’m trying, I’m hoping, I’m hurting, I’m loving
I’m crying, I’m calling,
But I’m not sure how this goes’

I love you so much more than you’ll ever know xoxoxo 

Love always, Carrie-Rae


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