My Butterfly

So, yesterday after hours of crying, Mack came and took me by the hand and said ‘let’s go to the beach mommy’.

Off we went, and once we got there and got situated, the most amazing thing happened……..the most beautiful butterfly came and sat on our table and even with Mack n’ his new l’il friend Emma trying to catch it, it just kept flying in circles around my head and body ~ for over an hour.

My Uncle Tum Tum

It was my special Uncle Tummy … and it was absolutely beautiful 

 Had a great afternoon with Mack, who always takes my mind off the heavy stuff and finds ways to make me smile ~ my awesome l’il man.  My broken heart hurt just a little less for a while.  Thank-you Mackenzie, I love you! xoxo

uyvs ~ xoxo 

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