An Angel’s Wings

At 12:18pm this afternoon (August 11th), another angel got her wings.  My nana went to heaven … and took my heart with her.

When the Doctor called and said there was only a few days, god bless my husband for arranging (so quickly) my re-arrival in BC to be with my nana for her last days.  I was blessed to have had the chance to sit with her, cuddle with her, giggle with her and spend the nights with her to watch her as she slept.

me n' nana copy

 She held my hand through life – and I was blessed and am thankful I had the chance to hold hers in death 

For all of you who knew my nana, have no fear … even in the end, she NEVER lost her sass.  Ohhh … that sass !!! That sass that kept some frustrated, some flabbergasted (and sometimes speechless) and some downright in stitches throughout the years ~ still there, still front and centre 😉

Now, she is my sunshine n’ flowers.  Everytime I see the sun and feel it’s warmth, it will be my nana.  Every flower that  blooms and shares its’ beautiful fragrance, it will be my nana 

2 thoughts on “An Angel’s Wings

  1. Beautiful Carrie, and fiesty she was, you were an awesome grand-daughter to her, she loved you very much and we all know how much you loved her, she was so happy you were with her and we are eternally grateful that you made her last days so special, she was one of a kind and I’m going to miss her forever, she’s with her loved ones now that she longed for and grieved for for so long and she’s finally at peace.Rest in peace Mom!

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