Life At The RV Park

Livin’ in the park …

I didn’t think I’d adjust very well to living in the RV but surprisingly I did.  We met some truly amazing people.  I’ve never felt so at peace as I was in the park. Having Homeland Security 20 feet away didn’t hurt either 😉 . I didn’t leave the park too much to visit and now of course I regret it 🙁

Ryleigh didn’t want to stay in the RV so Aug 2 she went to live with Jim 🙁 🙁 but came to visit lots.  She’s adjusted so well to college – her class schedule and soccer schedule are grueling but she’s doin’ awesome…so proud of you honey xoxoxo

Mack, my gosh, was just in his element there.  He loved EVERYONE!  He got a job helping the landscapers and boy let me tell ya’….he took ot seriously!  If i didn’t get him up by 8am so he could eat, dress and be out the door before 9 to meet Henry a few RV’s away – I SURE HEARD ABOUT IT!  He absolutely loved it.  Some days he’d have lunch with Henry and Darlene, some days Henry’s wife would feed him, sometimes he’d come home and one day I decided to make lunch for all of them so they could eat outside the lounge together.

Mack n’ Henry hard at work 😉

I have to admit, I rarely saw my child as he was always in the office helping with Vicki, Midge or Jackie or outside doing something with Henry, Frank, George, Charlie, Darlene or Fred.  Vicki taught Mack to play cards (an awesome game called golf)  thanks Vicki 🙂 .  Les and Brady worked at the office training the new owner until Sept 15th so for the 6 weeks prior I’d like to say it was just me n’ Mack hanging out but my child abandon me for everyone in the park!

We will miss all of you dearly xoxo

uyvs ~ xoxo 


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