Dear Taz

My ‘Tazzy’ …

This is my ‘Tazzy’

Dear Taz,

Mommy has been trying for quite some time to help you understand but it doesn’t seem to be happening so I figured if I wrote you a letter … then maybe … just maybe … you might get it 🙂  Our conversations haven’t been too eventful and when you look at me with that funny face I know it’s happening again…. the ‘Looney Tunes’ theme … 😉  I can hear it when I look into your eyes. (heehee)

So, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the size difference between the RV bathroom and the bathrooms we used to have at the house … but there’s a big difference.  My Taz, my wonderful BIG BIG AWKWARD Taz … when mommy goes into the bathroom, you can’t sneak in before I close the door!  When mommy sits down to pee, there is absolutely no room for you in there – you get stuck – and you have to slooooooowly back out.  Ummm, slightly uncomfortable 😉 (perhaps for both of us)  Now, this does not mean that mommy doesn’t love you Tazzy, it just means that you can’t come in !! 🙂 🙂  (’cause you don’t fit)  I’m soooo sorry my Tazzy boy.

I hope after our many unsuccessful conversations that this letter will help you understand 😉  (If not, come see me and we’ll try the conversation thing again) 😉

Mommy loves you xoxo

uyvs ~ xoxo


4 thoughts on “Dear Taz

  1. You better read your letter Taz and listen up.Big difference from 3 bathrooms to choose from for sure, Carrie you crack me up, always make me smile and laugh. Love you xoxoxoxox, Mommy

  2. I believe I use to work with some people that have the same tune playing
    ‘Looney Tunes’ theme

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