My Brave Face

 It’s hard to smile when I miss your sweet faces Brady n’ Ryleigh xoxo

Les misses you so much too.

“I miss my babies” xoxo

It’s sooooooooo hard to always have a smile on my face when it takes everything in me to regularly fight back the tears.  Yes, this is an awesome adventure and opportunity that we’ve worked for close to 15 years to be able to achieve and I should be ‘over the moon’ that we’re doing it but more times than not, here I sit at the laptop crying. 🙁

I get that things don’t always work they way they were planned but ~ I miss my Brady n’ my Ryleigh soooo much n’ ALL their craziness toooooo!

“My CRAZEE babies” xoxoxoxo

I keep on my brave face, especially for Macky n’ Les but inside I feel broken 🙁

uyvs~ xoxo

4 thoughts on “My Brave Face

  1. I know that feeling only 2 well!!!! I still remember the day when you moved to Moosejaw just out of high school, you will see them again sooner than later. They are on the road to great things, Ryleigh in College and on the College Soccer team (which is her life), and Brady doing his websites and photography.You raised 2 lovely and wonderful, kind,responsible, and compassionate adults. They will do great things and you should be proud of the way they turned out! You are a fantastic Mommy!!!! xoxoxox

  2. Your doing a great job Carrie, I’m checking your blog every day. Don’t worry, everything is happening the way it’s supposed to, have faith. Hello Les, you’re doing great pal.

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