Mack’s 1st ‘BLACK FRIDAY’ Sale

Although technically it was Thursday night … my crazee boys went and stood in line at ‘Toys R Us’ at around 6pm to get in for 8pm (Mack got a gift bag for being one of the first 200 people inside) … 🙂

So … since Mack couldn’t find what he was looking for at ‘Toys R Us’, (this was ALL his brilliant idea – and Les got to take him – 🙂 heehee) … they ventured off to ‘Walmart’ where people had been lined around the building already for hours … my crazee boys … 😉

‘sleepy boy’

He got himself a new ‘Razor Electric Scooter’ for a heluva deal and some PS3 games … way to go Mack 🙂 🙂 and of course ‘What a trooper Daddy’ !!! 🙂

I was asleep when they got back … see, I’m not a ‘Black Friday’ shopper, or even a good shopper at the best of times 🙂  (those of you who know me know where i’m goin’ with this) …  There are 3 reasons I will NOT shop on ‘Black Friday’ ~

1)  I lack the ability to keep my mouth shut when frustrated

2)  I would likely bitchslap and say something I would later regret to someone who ‘bumped’ into me

3)  I’m not sure how much ‘bail’ is in California but I can already say it ain’t in my budget … !!!

‘This would be somewhat like me !!’

Obviously, much safer for my crazee boys to go and for me to stay safely locked in the RV watchin’ TV !

uyvs ~ xoxo 

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