Our First Night On The Road SUCKED!

 Well, we left yesterday (ALOT later than planned) as we planned on around 11am.  We didn’t get off until about 4pm so we didn’t drive too far.  We decided to stop for the night at a rest stop in Aberdeen, WA.

So, while we’re driving……Mack comes up to the front and says ‘umm, Princess Chanel (his cat) peed a little on your comforter’.  I thought, ‘ok, no big deal’ and went and cleaned it up as it really was just a little………OR SO I THOUGHT!!!! 😉 hmmm … so I thought!

We pulled into a rest stop and I just wanted to go to sleep ’cause I’d been sick for the last few days.  So, I get my jammies on, lay down, get comfortable and………………………………………………OH MY GAWD!  SHE PEED ON MY PILLOWS AND UNDER MY PILLOWS AND DOWN THE SIDE OF MY BED!  Not Les’ side … MY SIDE!

(She loved the RV when it was parked but apparently didn’t like the idea of it actually moving).  So here’s what I did ……….


So, here we are, in a rest stop – unable to put the slides out and Les is trying to clean everything.  Got the sheets n’ pillows n’ everything outta the RV and put them in a garbage bag in the Jeep (being towed behind) for later cleaning.  Several hours later, it seemed clean enough to go to sleep (minus 2 of my pillows) 🙁

ALMOST where Chanel had to sleep!! %$#@

TRULY – REALLY … that’s ALMOST where she had to sleep!!

Oh ya, before I forget….the batteries died too!  Couldn’t even lay down & watch TV after all that!  GEEZ! 🙂  Whatta’ first night!

uyvs ~ xoxo


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