Mack in front of the sign – that’s his shadow!

We spent the day at ‘Universal Studios’ (OMG my knee !!! 9 hours of walking 🙁 🙁 – but Mack had a great day!)

The last few times we went he wasn’t tall enough to go on the rides so this time we made sure we did EVERYTHING !!! 🙂 🙂

Some pics of our trip this time.  Mack had such an awesome time 🙂 it was great seeing his face.  His favorite he said was the ‘Transformers’ ride……..and it was cool!  🙂  The ‘Mummy’ was great too but waaaaaay to short 🙁

It was a long day, especially for my knee but it was worth every minute to glance over every now and then and watch Mack’s face… 🙂 🙂

uyvs ~ xoxo 

2 thoughts on “UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Hollywood

  1. Wow, such an adventure and awesome pictures, I can hear him now telling all about it!
    You best take care of that knee girlie!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Universal Studios was one of my favorite places that I visited as a kid…I need to get back there with the FAM sometime soon. Great pictures!

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