Growing up and even now, I’ve always been a die hard ‘little house on the prairie’ person ~ shhhh ! 😉 I can’t even tell you.  The kids even bought me the series on DVD for my birthday this year…OMG I LOVE IT !!!

ANYWAY, we decided to go to ‘Old Tucson’ in Tucson, AZ where ‘Old Tucson Studios’ is and where many many many many old John Wayne films were filmed as well as many other old westerns.  So we get there and we’re walking around and I start feeling like I’m back in ‘Little House’ days 🙂  I’ve ALWAYS wished I could go back and live in those times.  So after taking a crap load of pictures and talking to an awesome guy we met there (he’s security), Scott Ryan (hi Scott 😉 ) …. guess what I found out …THAT’S WHERE LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE WAS FILMED (not the original pilot) but once they moved to ‘Walnut Grove’ 🙂 🙂 ARE YOU KIDDING ME ???  REALLY ??? OMG !  I’m in ‘Walnut Grove’ OMG! I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU … !!! ??? shhh 😉

‘The Church & Schoolhouse’ 🙂

It’s soooooo amazing, you actually feel like you’re back in the 1890’s.  It’s beyond beautiful.  Most of ‘Old Tucson’ was lost years ago in a fire but they’ve been able to slowly rebuild and are able to keep rebuilding with every new film being shot there.  ‘Gunfight at the OK Corral’ and ‘3:10 to Yuma’ and ‘Outlaw Jose Wales’ and ‘Young Guns II, etc … and sooo many more. 🙂 They were doing a casting call while we were there for an old western set in the late 1800’s called ‘HOT BATH – STIFF DRINK’… apparently lots of films are shot there ~ AND SO WAS LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE !!!  OMG ! Okay, I’m good, I think I’ve got it outta my system 😉

The beauty of ‘Old Tucson’ will definately make me go back again before we leave Arizona.  Highly recommend anyone coming here to visit this beautiful old place !!!

uyvs ~ xoxo 




  1. OMG is right! Olsen’s Mercantile, wow, hee,hee, can’t believe it, now, this was an adventure!!! and Macky ridin a horse, so awesome, Little House On The Prairie, you MUST be in 7th heaven, right up yer alley!!! Fantastic picures!!!!

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