Just Sayin’

There are people in this world that looooove the phrase “it’s because of my family, or because of where I come from etc …”

REALLY?  I’m so tired of people who use their past as an excuse for their present behavior … grow up and take responsibility for your OWN actions … YOU choose your actions, they didn’t happen because of who your family is or your crappy childhood.  There’s a time to accept who you are IN SPITE of where you come from … I am ME because that’s who I CHOOSE to be !!!  I have walked in almost every shoe imaginable and I live a wonderful life with amazing kids and a fabulous husband ~

~ so … stop making excuses !  It’s crap …

We can’t change where we come from but we can certainly choose where we’re going and who we become !

… just sayin’ …

That’s just my opinion ~ what’s yours?

uyvs ~ xoxo 

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