Thank-you ‘St. Mary’s Animal Clinic’

My ‘Bailey’ …

‘Miss Bailey’

… she gave us quite a scare !  She starting peeing blood outta’ nowhere this morning and yelping in pain and then she threw up…and just kept peeing blood !  OMG OMG OMG !!! My baby girl…So we looked up Vet Clinics and went through 7 before we found the ‘perfect’ one 🙂  Turns out it was just a ‘woman’ thing’ ~ of course right? 😉 so after a li’l pee pee test and some meds and (sorry Bailey but I gotta tell ’em) … she got a li’l whoo hoo shave 🙂

We would like to say such a BIG ‘thank-you’ to Dr. Fender and his wife at St. Mary’s Animal Clinic.  We called and the took us right away (after calls to 7 RUDE clinics) !  Compassionate & caring they took care of our Bailey.

BEST Animal Clinic in Tucson AZ

Dr. Fender and his wife are a husband & wife team who took over the clinic in April of this year.  The BEST animal clinic EVA’ ~ ‘cept the one back home 😉 but seriously … 🙂

Dr & Mrs Fender (sooo cute) 😉

ANYONE who is looking for a vet in the Tucson area, I couldn’t recommend them more highly.  For all you people in Tucson, this is THEE vet … St. Mary’s Animal Clinic @ 1010 West St. Mary’s Road 🙂 (that’s in Tucson case you forgot) 😉

Thanks sooooooo much for taking care of Bailey … she’s feeling better already ! 🙂 🙂

uyvs ~ xoxo 


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