Arizona/Sonora Desert Museum

Well, today was our last day outting for Tucson … 🙁  (sad ’cause there’s still sooooo much to see here) ~ but we gotta’ be movin’ on 😉

The Desert Museum was pretty awesome people 🙂  check out some pics …

Li’l Macky 😉

The Mineral Cave was pretty cool too … check it out 🙂

And now, for the BEST part of the day (for me anyway) … ‘RAPTORS IN FLIGHT’ … OMG sooooo amazing 🙂  Here’s some pics …

‘Les took this amazing shot’

The birds were absolutely amazing … (the owl kept dancing) IT WAS PRICELESS 🙂  What a beautiful show … WOW !

Well, that’s it for Arizona, leaving in a couple days … then off to New Mexico.

uyvs ~ xoxo 

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