Galveston To The Bolivar Peninsula

So, today we left Galveston and took the ferry to the Bolivar Peninsula.  Only about a 20 minute ferry ride but saved us hours of driving.  It was so cool to look out into the water and see … dolphins guiding the ferry.  They were in front, in back and on both sides the entire trip and almost right up to the ramp 🙂

It was as if they were guiding our safe crossing … what an amazing site to see 😉

Once we got across, reality slapped us across the face.  The rembrandts of ‘Hurricane Ike’ (2008) were still so visible.  It’s like a ghost town.  Empty lots on the beach where houses used to stand and now only address signs … so sad to see.  You hear about the damage caused by hurricanes, etc from the news but to see if first hand is so saddening.  The destruction so cruel, the lives so changed and the landscape so empty.  You may think you’re prepared to see such devestation but you’re not.  At least I wasn’t.

The Bolivar Peninsula 2008 (after ‘IKE’)

uyvs ~ xoxo 

One thought on “Galveston To The Bolivar Peninsula

  1. Oh, what an amazing ferry ride, hope you took lots of pictures, yes, Ike caused such a lot of terrible devastation,unfathomable really, like you said, we only hear about it, but to actually see it really brings it home, sure makes one feel really blessed for what we have. Enjoy your trip, drive safe,be careful and have fun.

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