‘The French Quarter’

‘Bourbon Street’

  ‘The French Quarter’ ~ unique, diverse, lively, quirky & ORIGINAL ~ WOW !!! 🙂 Such an awesome place … Now before ya’ll say anything … YES, I know … I shoulda’ taken ALOT more pictures … (guess I’ll have to come back again) 😉

We walked along Bourbon Street, Canal Street and several others just taking in the sights n’ vibes.  Had dinner on Bourbon Street ~ Shrimp Creole, Jambalaya n’ Mint Julips … OH MY !! 😉 Fantastic  …  mmm mmm yummy !

Walking around and feeling n’ seeing the richness of the history here was absolutely amazing.  You can truly feel peoples’ excitement. Definately worth coming for 🙂  Still so much construction going on to get back to the way things were before ‘Katrina n’ the Levy break’ though … A place I will for sure be returning too !! 😉

uyvs ~ xoxo 

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