Disney World ‘EPCOT’


So, today was Day 2 at Disney World … we went to ‘EPCOT’ 🙂  Another looooooooooooooong day, but enjoyable 😉

The coolest experience was the space adventure … Now, when they say ‘if you encounter motion sickness, perhaps you should not participate’ … TAKE THEIR ADVICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They mean it – OMG !!! Zero gravity and G-Force are VEEEEEEERY hard on the stomach – thank god I didn’t have breakfast 😉 I don’t think I could ever be an astronaut !!!

… took a while to recover from that one … 😉

The ‘Behind the Seeds’ was actually pretty cool ~ a boat tour about ‘living with the land’ … check out some pics …

Mack wasn’t the only one who learned a lot !!!

Then … we found ‘NEMO’ !!!!!!!!!


Nemo was awesome ………………. makes me wanna see the movie again 😉  The best part … outside the attraction (the pic above) are 3 seagull’s ~ all saying ‘MINE, MINE, MINE, etc …’ LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, of course you can’t go to ‘Epcot’ without visiting what’s it famous for … ‘The World Showcase’ (although a little disappointing as there were a lot of countries missing) …

Epcot’s World Showcase

Last, but not least … Mack’s favorite ride of all time ~ Chevrolet’s Test Track 🙂  What an awesome ride ~ totally gotta’ do it if you’re ever here … SERIOUSLY !!!!!!!!!!

‘My racin’ dudes’

So, after a loooooong  12+ hour day, that ended with VERY blistered feet (the bottoms toooooooo) ~ we had a great day ! 🙂  EPSOM SALTS ………………. HERE I COME !!! 😉

Mack, Mommy & Daddy ‘Epcot’ 2013

Don’t ask me how … but Mack has light around his hands … ???

Stay tuned for Day 3 @ Disney – ‘Typhoon Lagoon’ …

uyvs ~ xoxo 

One thought on “Disney World ‘EPCOT’

  1. And not one picture of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, or Donald????

    Oh wait, I see Goofy……

    Looks like a blast guys. Stay safe.

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