Today … our last day in Disney World 🙂

‘The Animal Kingdom’ ~ my favorite place of all !!!!  What an experience 🙂

‘Best part of Disney World’ … I think 😉

Today was my most favorite part of our ‘Disney World’ experience.  Still with a little bit of a lingering cold … Mack was a trooper !!!

The start of the day ~ a safari in ‘Africa’ !!!!!!!!!!!  Just amazing 🙂

The animals are sooooooooooooo AMAZING 🙂  I’m so in love with ALL OF THEM 😉

Our venture through the ‘Asia’ section of the kingdom …

The parade … a nice li’l break from walking around … 😉

So as we’re walking around, we come across this ‘cheeky li’l monkey’ soooooooooooo trying to get everyone’s attention.  He was absolutely PRICELESS !!!! 🙂 … I wanna keep him 😉

So, here’s comes the finale to our day here and boy, was it FABOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉  ‘The Festival of The Lion King’ ~ OMG what an outstanding show … I coulda’ just kept sittin’ there and watched it OVER N’ OVER N’ OVER again … truly amazing 🙂

‘The Most AMAZING Show’

Check out the pics … 😉

So that wraps up our ‘Disney World’ adventure.  Boy, I sure know at the end of every day that I’m not as young as I used to be 😉

Now that ‘Disney’ is done, we have 2 more fun days in Florida so stay tuned for our ventures at ‘Nasa’ and ‘The Pirate Dinner Adventure’ ……. coming soon 🙂

uyvs ~ xoxo 

One thought on “Disney World ‘ANIMAL KINGDOM’

  1. Such awesome pictures, beautiful animals!!! You’ve all seen so many beautiful things and so many fabulous memories!! xoxoxoxo

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