Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

‘Awesome Dinner Show’

  Voted the ‘Best Dinner Show in Central Florida’ ….. FOR A VERY GOOD REASON !! 🙂

This was an amazing show and the food was SUPERB !!! (so were the drinks, although a little pricey) 😉

We took some pics, however because there’s no flash photography during the show, they didn’t come out too well.  But at least these will give you an idea …

The show was outstanding and the acrobatics were absolutely incredible.  I seriously recommend this to any family looking for an awesome evening 😉  Kids get to interact with the show and go up on the boat and take part (although Mack played shy – YES REALLY – and didn’t want to) …

All in all though ~ GREAT evening …

Mommy, Mack n’ Daddy 🙂 ‘The Pirate’s Dinner Adventure’

uyvs ~ xoxo 

2 thoughts on “Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

  1. My little Macky shy???? No way!!!! What a beautiful picture of the 3 of you!!!! Glad you had a fantastic time!! xoxoxoxo. Show sounds amazing!

  2. what a great picture of the 3 of you! You all are so lucky, seeing so much and learning so much, I envy you!!!! but the pictures are all great and we get to see some of what you see. Keep them coming! Love ya xxoxoxoo

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