Memo To Self

So today’s memo ~ do NOT go to a dentist while travelling.  Wait until you get home and see your own !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See, felt like I lost a filling about 3 weeks ago, not really a big deal.  Right ?!  Les figured it was best to get it looked after here in Florida, rather than waiting until we got to Mexico.  So, went to a dentist here in Davenport, FL.  Turns out I didn’t just lose the filling but the tooth cracked as well … great eh????

Root canal & crown and all it entails … SOOOOOOOO NOT IN THE BUDGET, so we decided to go ahead and have it pulled.  Easy breezy right ?? 😉  WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Turns out EVERYONE in the world has 3 roots on this specific tooth ~ I am special and have FOUR!  So after TWO hours of trying to get this tooth out, only 2 roots would come out. They had to stop trying because … ~ ~ ~ … Wait for it … Wait for it … wait for it … wait for it … they exposed my sinus !!  For all of you who may not know what that means – it means EXCRUTIATING PAIN !!!

It reeeeeally $#&@*!’ hurts …

So now, there were 2 roots removed, the other 2 roots still in, and a ‘sorry I think we may have hit the sinus’.  Two hours of yanking, pushing, pulling etc … and it’s not even out YET !!!  Laying there, all of a sudden I feel like I’m going to drown.  I felt enormous pressure in my sinuses and then all the water they’re cleaning my mouth with starts going through my sinus cavity.  OMG, I seriously felt like I was drowning. And pain … boy you have NO idea !!!!!!!!!

Ouchie Ouchie Ouchie

WTF ??? !!!  Antibiotics and T-3 for pain (as if that’s gonna even touch this immense pain!!!)  The weirdest part, the air I’m breathing in is coming out of my tooth !!!!!!!!  So weird 😉

So the oral surgeon … is able to fix me.  OMG, thank-you 🙂

This oral surgeon ~ OMG ~ god bless this man!  He did an xray of the damage done but said he wouldn’t know more until he actually went in to look.  So, I’m given 2 options, general anesthetic or local anesthetic … DUH !!! NO THOUGHT NEEDED HERE !!! After everything … KNOCK ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!  But, I then decided that I just wanted to get this over with, told the surgeon I put my ‘big girl panties’ on today so let’s just go with the local.  @%$& !!!  I’m crazy 😉

It took this man NINETY SECONDS !!!!  90 seconds people !!!  He was able to get the other 2 roots out and restitched everything in less than 5 minutes !!!  I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!! ♥  SERIOUSLY !!!  New pain meds to go home with (ones that really do work this time) 😉 and home here I come.

So, here’s the end result ~ severe trauma in my mouth and yes, my sinus was perforated. BIG BIG OUCH !!!  The prognosis … may have to have future surgery on my sinuses.

Pain … can’t even describe it to ya’ll !!!  Other than it doesn’t even rate on a scale of 1-10. (maybe a 26 or somethin’) !!!

” WHERE’S # 26″ ?????????

So, the message here is what ???  DO NOT GO TO DENTISTS WHILE TRAVELLING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Especially ones that don’t know what they are doing … (just my opinion).  Time for me to go lay down now, drugs are kickin’ in (THANK GOD) !!! 🙂

FYI – ‘Dr. Shivji –  I MISS YOU … pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease move to Mexico !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ (my dentist from home is thee best dentist ‘EVA) 🙂

uyvs ~ xoxo 

3 thoughts on “Memo To Self

  1. You must have forgotten, about the dentist when we were kids back east…….. after trying and failing to remove your abcesed tooth…… you were screaming so much……. I was the only one left in the waiting room. Everyone else ran for their lives…….. And F.Y.I…….: there’s a reason people take ‘Dental Vacations’ in Mexico……… world class dental/medical……..third world prices…….. hoping you feel better soon….
    LoveMiss You

  2. Suck it up princess Big Girlies pants you gotta grow up first . lol
    Stop chewing on those nuts int he first place to crack your teeth you know dentures and nuts dont go hand in hand. Well hope you feel better.

    Oh and dont bother telling me i am MEAN am not I am NARENDRA lol

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