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‘The Axe in the Attic’ ~ what a documentary.  Watched this last night … a documentary about Hurricane Katrina and the effects (including the governments’ participation in the agony residents faced) … WOW !!!

*** NOTE ***  the opinions below are solely mine, not those of this websites followers, posters, viewers or the world wide web … just mine 😉

After being in New Orleans and seeing the devastation people are ‘still’ trying to recover from was affecting but watching this show … took things to a whole new level.  It’s amazing what we think we know from watching the news, however it turns out we really know nothing.  I’m ashamed to admit how ignorant I was to the situation as a whole.  It was heartwrenching to watch watch people went through, not just by the Hurricane and the flooding, but by the government and FEMA as well.  My heart will never quite be the same.  Although I’m shamed by my ‘un-informed’ mentality, there are many that should be more shamed than I.  The Hurricane and flooding were not the only tragedies that fell here … government happened as well … and we should all be aware of those facts.

The people who lived through this event could teach us all so much about life ~ and what’s important.

While in New Orleans, we were so inspired by the people we met … they had lived through and survived so much and were still so friendly and true to visitors.  It was truly humbling to be in their presence.  After watching this show and learning the ‘so much more’ they went through, leaves me feeling even more inspired.  I can’t wait to go back to such an inspirational place with the most amazing people.  What happened here several years ago will NEVER leave the people who remained nor those who relocated.  It is now a part of history.

I can only hope that what went wrong with ‘Hurricane Katrina’ at least prepared the government, FEMA and all other agencies involved in the aftermath process for what has recently happened with ‘Hurricane Sandy’ … and if not ~ SHAME ON YOU !!!


*** NOTE ***  the opinions above are solely mine, not those of this websites followers, posters, viewers or the world wide web … just mine 😉

uyvs ~ xoxo 

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