Kennedy Space Center ~ NASA

An awesome day …

On our way to Kennedy Space Center, along the causeway we saw cars pulled over and packs of people on the beachfront with cameras in hand….so OBVIOUSLY we stopped and joined the crowd and within 2 minutes, we see a launch !!! 🙂  Found out later it was a ‘cargo satellite’ being launched to the International Space Station with supplies…how cool is that ???  We saw it launch !!! 😉  Unexpected and truly amazing !!!

Something else amazing … we met a retired Astronaut ~ John McBride, Captain USN (ret) …

Us with real life Astronaut, Captain John McBride, USN (ret) 🙂

His stories of his missions were captivating !!! Mack was in heaven !!! 🙂

The Astronauts Memorial …

The rest of the day was awesome … check out these pics …

Our day at ‘Kennedy Space Center’ was fabulous !!!  As we’re walking around, my li’l man says … “Mommy, this is THEE best day EVER !!!”  I asked “even better than Disney World?” His response … “Mom, Disney World is for fun.  THIS is where I want to work one day !!!”

My li’l man … you will do whatever you set your mind to ~ Love Mommy & Daddy xoxo 🙂

uyvs ~ xoxo 

One thought on “Kennedy Space Center ~ NASA

  1. I sure wish I was Mack……. way too cool little man…… you have to give me a tour when you start your new job…..

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