‘Nasa Infinity’ ~ Mississippi

Mack got another day at Nasa … @ the ‘Stennis Space Center’ in Mississippi. Of course, he absolutely loved it 🙂

Li’l Man

Having no idea this existed, it was awesome to stumble upon !!!  Here’s a little info …

‘INFINITY aspires to be in the life-changing business, for both students and the general public.   We seek to inspire our future generations of scientists, engineers and mathematicians by nurturing innate curiosity, and providing compelling role models from the present generation who have spent their lives making important discoveries.  And since laying a foundation for a scientifically literate workforce begins with  outstanding teachers, INFINITY works deliberately to help develop the next generation of K–12 teachers who will teach math and science.

INFINITY also seeks to nurture a general populace that will support national commitments to basic scientific research. Its imperative for Americans to significantly contribute to and fully benefit from the  knowledge-based society that is  taking shape around us. Adults need understanding of the importance of science and engineering to encourage our children to study those subjects—both for their career opportunities and for their general benefit.’

Mack had a fantastic time (of course because it’s NASA) … 😉

uyvs ~ xoxo 

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