Our First Week In The Jungle

I’ve thought long an hard about writing this because no one ever wants to hear the down side of things and I probably shouldn’t even be writing yet (not sure whether or not it’s safe yet for me to tell ya’ll how I’m feeling …) but this blog is about the truth and not bullshit n’ fluff so I have decided to put it out there … here goes …

We left ‘Dreams’ on Friday the 22nd and are staying in the RV at a friend’s lot in ‘Los Arboles’ until the house is done (we didn’t want to be in the way of the workers and we decided a while back that we didn’t want to see the house until it was finished).  Yes, I know … we’re lunatics 😉

So, today is Easter Sunday – ‘Happy Easter Everyone’ … and we’ve been in the jungle for 9 days now.  And what a 9 days it has been.  I became sick before we left ‘Dreams’ and am on day 12 now (I had no voice for 10 days) …

Les is in HEAVEN 🙂

 yup, lucky Les … he’s been dreaming about this and it only took him 16 years to get it 😉

 So feeling like I was dying a slow death with everything hurting, coughing so much (yup, developed a cough too) I must have pulled at least a few muscles, no voice, unable to hear because the days of driving through the mountains screwed with the imbalance I already live with in my inner ears, vertigo, etc … I certainly wasn’t in any kinda mood to be feelin’ like I was in paradise.

Due to power hookup and/or grounding problems, we can’t run the air conditioning in the RV (unless we use the generator which uses gas which we can’t refill – you get the picture) …. so, on top of being sick, I’m now living in a hotbox in the middle of the jungle (just picture living in a van in a hot parking lot with NO airflow).  We can’t use the microwave (without the generator) and it’s too damn hot (actually that doesn’t describe the first 3 days here in the jungle) to turn the oven on.  ‘Mr. Noodles’ anyone ???  Dear god, someone feed me to a monkey !!!!

So here I am, at my breaking point one afternoon and want to stand out in the middle of the damn jungle and just scream !!!  Just let it all out – get it all out of my system.  Oh wait, I can’t … I HAVE NO VOICE !!!!!!!!!!

After the first few days, the heat cooled (a little) and everyone says I’ll get used to it soon (umm, ya ok, don’t believe you but thanks) 😉  I find crying fits every now and then seem to help (but just a little).

Sitting outside one afternoon (briefly as I couldn’t be outta bed too long) I saw the butterflies and heard the nature and saw the most beautiful birds.  Sadly though, all I wanted to do was throw rocks at them.  I know I know, that’s soooo awful … but just not seeing the beauty in this ‘paradise’ yet.

So on Friday, the 29th, Les woke up sick too.  Wonderful eh?  We ALL know what men are like when they’re sick 😉 He has a bacterial infection whereas mine in viral so here we are … BOTH of us sick, cranky, sad and wondering ‘what they hell have we done?’  I know my thoughts and feelings are about 80% due to the fact that I’m sick and the other 20% is because I just don’t feel like I fit here yet.  I’m sure that will change in time and things will certainly be better once we’re in our house AND not sick anymore but for now, to sum up how I feel about our first week in the jungle … this about says it all …

Sad but true …

  Here’s hoping I feel better about our upcoming 2nd week.

Stay tuned …

uyvs ~ xoxo 

PS – some of you may be wondering why I’m writing this and not just blogging about all the wonderful things … well, I said when I started this blog that I don’t do bullshit – that it would be about our ‘real’ adventures, setbacks, ups n’ downs, accomplishments, joys and sorrows – not just the ‘fluff’ people want to hear about.

5 thoughts on “Our First Week In The Jungle

  1. Once you start feeling much better and in your new home things will be soooooo much better for you, and it will certainly take time to fit in with the locals, you’ve been sick pretty much since you’ve arrived there, and it will take some time, but then you will be totally in love with everything!!!

  2. Well I happen to agree with Mommy!!!! Wish there was something I could do to help. Keep your chin up……this too shall pass!! Once your in your beautiful house we will only read about the good time your having and the beautiful place you live in and we will all be jealous……..wish I could doctor you both up!!!! xoxoxox

  3. Oh man what a cry baby you are suck it up princess. Life is about to take you to a whole new world. 😉 Time to enjoy life in a short bit.

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