Our Drive Through Mexico

Ahhh … we have arrived and we are now in Tulum !!!  Here’s a little peek into our drive.  I’m sure there’s not as much detail as every one is expecting however it wasn’t a ‘tourist’ drive.  We wanted to get from Laredo, Texas to Tulum and that’s it.  We’ll have plenty of time to sightsee through Mexico on other adventures once we’re settled and get the hang of living here and don’t worry … I will definately blog about any sightseeing trips we take (just don’t hold your breath ’cause I don’t not want to drive ANYWHERE for a VERY long time now) 😉 🙂

March 14/2013 … Crossing the Border

So, I had set the alarm to be up @ 6am and ready to leave by 7am and cross the border by 7:15am … I am sooooooooooo funny !!!  Didn’t happen that way !!!  My alarm didn’t go off – figures eh ??  So we got up at 7:20am and made it to the border sometime around 8am (ish). So now, our anxiety is up even more (if that’s possible) 😉

The border crossing was easy.  Once we crossed, we pulled around into ‘Migracion’ and the to the ‘Aduanas’ (for the vehicle permits).  We arrived at the border at around 8am and were done and on our way before 11am.  We certainly did not encounter any of the ‘horror stories’ we had heard so much about.  The border guards were awesome as were the staff inside 🙂  Off to Saltillo now …

Day 1 – Nuevo Laredo – Saltillo

Our drive from the border to our first stop was about 5 hours.  Beautiful drive, but of course we were a little on edge (as per those ‘horror stories’ about driving through Mexico).  Of course I can see how we got sucked into all the hype – ‘the unknown’.  If you’ve never done it, you don’t know what to expect so you listen to those who have gone before you … NOT always a bright idea !! 😉

We stopped for the night at ‘La Fuente’ which is a hotel and campsite.  They offered cell service, 15/20 amp power and free wifi.  (that didn’t mean that’s what they had though) 😉

March 15/2013 … Day 2 – Saltillo to Queretaro

The authenticity is everywhere!  THIS is what Mexico is all about!  We didn’t stop anywhere other for gas though … just wanted to keep moving.

The ‘checkpoints’ are random and frequent.  Nice to see a place being ‘pro-active’ …


We stopped for the night at ‘Juriquilla’.  They are a hotel as well as a campsite.  Again, we saw they offered 15/20 amp power, hot showers, cell service, free wifi, dump station, sewer & water hookup (VERY important when travelling) and a few other things.  (that didn’t mean that’s what they had though)…

March 16/2013Day 3 – Queretaro to Puebla

I must say … being on edge is gone.  I’ve seen nothing of what people have talked about and always being on edge about what may or may not happen, takes away the ability to enjoy this drive so ………………… no more being on edge!  So here in Puebla, we stopped for the night at ‘Las Americas’ trailer park.  They offered water & sewer hookup, free wifi, 15/20 amp power, dump station, cell service and hot showers. (that didn’t mean that’s what they had though) ……. 😉

March 17/2013Day 4 – Puebla to Villahermosa

Are we there yet????? 😉  Seems like we’ve been driving FOREVER !!!  Don’t get me wrong, the drive is beautiful, as are the people we’ve met.  In Villerhermosa, we stopped for the night at ‘El Gordo y San Pancho’ campground.  They offered free wifi, sewer & water hookup, 15/20 amp power, ‘cold showers’, AND english.  (that didn’t mean that’s what they had though) ………………….. I’m starting to think their version of these things is NOT quite like our version of things.  Hmmmm …

March 18/2013Day 5 – Villahermosa to Merida – Puerto Progreso

I was so sick last night, I couldn’t tell you anything about where we stayed or what it was like.  It was awful!  Hopefully today is better.

We ended up driving to Merida, however the campsite in the book we’ve been following is gone!  Yup, gone!  So, we found an awesome place to eat and then drove for about another hour to Puerto Progreso to stay the night … our LAST night on the road!!!  In Puerto Progreso, we stayed at ‘Hotel y Apartmentos Bienstar’.  I won’t bother telling you about the services they offered because YUP, you guessed it … doesn’t mean that’s what they had 😉 !!!

March 19/2013Day 6 – Puerto Progreso to Tulum

A 5 hour drive (well, add stops for Bailey’s pee pee breaks n’ stuff) and then … we’ll be in TULUM !!!  We’ll be done – no more driving 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I waited a looooong time to see this …

Almost there …… EEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!

And … drumroll pleeeeeeeeze … We’re done … no more driving – YAYAYAYAYAYAY !!! We’re here, ahhh 🙂

Some pics from the drive …

Bet you never thought u’d see THIS in Mexico … SNOW…on Mountains ??? !!! I was certainly surprised 😉

The scenery was absolutely outstanding … so beautiful!

The days of driving through the mountains took a toll on my inner ears (really bad) but other than that we had no problems … okay, just 2 others … Charlie the cow and the RV radiator.  Where to begin …. Charlie … well first of all let me tell you, cows look small in the fields but when they’re on the road in front of you … they are beyond HUGE!!!  We locked up the brakes on the RV and the jeep and finally stopped 2 feet in front of Charlie!!!  And no, I’m NOT shittin’ you !!! (almost shit myself though) 😉 Cows are massive beings up close n’ personal! 🙂  Hearts were pumpin’ and body fluids almost leakin’ !!!!!!!!!!! 😉 SERIOUSLY !!!

Green Angels … Angeles Verdes

The ‘Angeles Verdes’ are a god send to any traveller through Mexico.  They are on the road to assist you with any needs you may have.  Directions, breakdowns, gas, etc … and their service is free!  HUH!?  Yes, FREE.  They helped us out with the rad on the RV for about an hour n’ a half (maybe more).  Absolutely true to their name of ‘Angeles’.  The RV may not have made it the last leg of the journey if it hadn’t been for them.  Truly a unique group.

Stunning scenery was everywhere, whether it be in the mountains or once we came down to sea level.  Beauty was everywhere.

… and no people, Mexican camping is NOT what you expect or what we’re used to … it is an experience all its’ own !!! 😉

I must say … to all those who only come to Mexico for the sun n’ sand & all-inclusives … you’re truly missing out on the true beauty of Mexico.  Mexico is about so much more, and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to see it along the way 🙂

uyvs (update ya’ll very soon) ~ xoxo after some much needed relaxation time 😉


2 thoughts on “Our Drive Through Mexico

  1. Awesome write-up honey, so glad you sounded so much better today when we spoke, 10 days, a long time to be sick, hopefully you are on the road to healthy and happy again. Now to get the “ole-man” better, nothing worse than a “sick husband”, you would think the sky was literally going to fall in!!!!!………… and no one else could possibly be sicker than them!!! …….. Suck it up man……. hahahahaha, glad the “Easter Bunny” found Macky, he sounds awesome. Have a wonderful day….. Love you all!

  2. Hola Amigos

    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your Journey it was amazing to see the incredible
    photos. I have signed up to follow you adventure thanks again


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