3rd Week In The Jungle

Well … our 3rd week in the jungle turned into ‘moving to the beach’.  Being in the jungle with no proper power or air just wasn’t do-able anymore, especially for the animals (and of course for us).

We have moved to ‘Paamul’, about 40 minutes or so from Tulum.  We’re now between Playa del Carmen & Akumal.  We’re right on the beach, have full power (OMG air conditioning ~ WE LOVE YOU) 😉 and water, pool, restaurant, shops, etc…  Most importantly, again, AIR CONDITIONING!!!

We’ll be here for a while, until the house is ready.  We’ve been given a date of ‘May 14th’ so cross your fingers everyone … 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well, I’m slooooooooowly starting to feel better.  Yesterday was another day in the hospital (in Playa) as the injections of antibiotics weren’t strong enough.  After a CT scan, Dr figures this is all stemming from a ‘polyp’ the found in my right sinus as well as from my ‘GERD’ (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease).  Who knew???  Huh!  Never woulda’ guessed these buggers would cause so many problems.  Some new meds and hopefully I’ll start feeling better soooooooooooon because right now … the following is how I currently feel … 😉

‘sad … but true’ 😉

 Next week … I better be feeling better and it BETTER be a week of playing @ the damn beach! 😉 🙂

uyvs ~ xoxo 

2 thoughts on “3rd Week In The Jungle

  1. Hi guys. Hope you’re all doing better. Any new photo updates?

    Sun is finally starting to show itself here!

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