So, the ‘Aduanas’ … hmm, where do I start?  This was a frustrating process (especially being sick during the process).

So, when we crossed the border, we received a 30 day permit for the jeep and a 10 year for the RV.  Having only a 30 day on the jeep, we had to appear at the ‘Aduana’ here within the 30 days of crossing the border so we could extend the permit.  Here’s where our fun began … or should I say ‘stress’ !!??

Appearing at Migracion for our paperwork, we asked about the vehicle permits.  We were advised we had to go to ‘Puerto Morelos’ in Playa del Carmen as they would be able to help us there.  So away we go … arrive at the ‘Aduana’ in Puerto Morelos and they tell us they can’t help us and that we have to go to ‘Puerto Juarez’ in Cancun.  So away we go … and we missed them by 5 minutes.  So back to Tulum we go (about a 2 hour drive) and decide we will get up early the next morning and attempt it again.

Here we are, up bright and early the next morning … and off we go back to Cancun (about 2 hours each way).  We get to the ‘Aduana’ and YAY 🙂 🙂 they are open.  However, don’t cheer yet … they can’t extend our permit without our ‘residency cards’.  HUH!?  We don’t have them yet, as they are in process!!!  ‘Oh well’ we’re told … we can’t help you.  ‘But, but, but … our permit is going to expire.’  ‘What do we do’?  We’re then told we have to drive to the ‘Chetumal/Belize’ border and they can help us there.   ‘WTF’ ???  That’s a 4 hour drive EACH way !!!

…and keep my mouth covered… 😉

So we get some helpful insight from a dear source who meets us at Migracion to explain (and translate) that we need to extend our permit but we can’t without the ‘residency cards’ but our permit is going to expire etc … and that’s when we learned our ‘residency applications’ had been approved and we need to come back for fingerprints etc (YAY) 🙂 … and she ends up speaking to a lady at the Belize border who will help us.  What?  Really?

Turns out we have to cancel the permit, then reapply once we have our residency cards in 2 weeks at which time we can get another permit.  Good thing we can drive in Quintana Roo without the permit!  AWESOME … but wait, that’s a 4 hour drive EACH way!!!  Oh well, I guess there’s no way around it.

So off we go, enroute to Belize.  Beautiful BUT boring drive.  Once there, easy breezy (about DAMN time people !!!).  So, we cancelled the permit and now have to drive back out in 2 weeks once we have our cards.  OMG, really??? SUCH a boring drive.  BUT, we’re done, we figured it out AND everyone is still breathing 😉

It never quite got to this point …

 … but we came close !!! 😉

 So, now we wait for our residency cards and head back to Belize and then we’re good for a year.  HALLA-FRIGGIN’-LUYA!!! 😉

uyvs ~ xoxo 





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  1. Good Lord, what a lot of driving around especially when you are sick, OMG! Glad all is well now and you are on the mend, spend some time on the beach, relax and have fun, sounds like the worst is over! xoxoxoxoxo

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