Delish Chicken

We’ve eaten out a few times since arriving here and here are my 2 favorite picks for a chicken dinner …

El Pollo Bronco ~ (located on Avenida Tulum … in Tulum)

DELISH !!! 😉

 Ranked #25 put of 148 restaurants here in Tulum.  DELISH !!! The pricing is great and the servings are plenty.  Had a feast of chicken, tortillas, coleslaw & rice … Juicy, moist & fresh (even had left overs) all for around 110 pesos (approx $10.00) – YUP, you heard me right …

AND they deliver TOO !!! 😉

Pollo Brujo ~ (located on Avenida Tulum … in Tulum)

Great Chicken !!!

  The pricing is great and so are the portions … we had a meal with friends that included chicken, tortillas, rice, beans, onions, pasta salad and salsa along with 4 drinks ~ the price was similar (a little bit higher but not much) to the pricing at Pollo Broncho.  Now remember, there were 5 of us eating this lunch people AND WE STILL HAD LEFTOVERS !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  And yes, they deliver too !!!  PS – the difference in price may be worth the AIR CONDITIONING for some 😉 … if you don’t want to eat in the heat, then this is your place!


uyvs ~ xoxo 

One thought on “Delish Chicken

  1. Heaven……. Still eating soda crackers and bananas, after being taken out by a carrot…….lol

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