Three Dollar Bills

So, along the way through life’s journey we meet many people from all different walks of life.  Some are just passing through our lives, some become acquaintances and some stay to become family and loved ones.

We have ALL had the experience of meeting people faker than a ‘three dollar’ bill.  I call them ‘counterfeiter’s’ (that’s the blog friendly term I like to use and no people, I won’t use the real term I usually say) 😛  however, those of you who know me know what I’m talking about !!!

I’ve had some time lately to read a few other blogs suggested to me and wow … all I can say is WOW !!!  And not in a good way my friends and readers.  Although I won’t mention these blogs by name, I will say “I’M CALLING BULLSHIT !!!”

It reeeeeally pisses me off when I see people pretending they’re something they are clearly not.  People who say they want to ‘change the world’ are completely different than those who are changing the world.  It’s amusing to me that some believe that because they are far away from where they used to be, they can blog about their lifestyles, things they are doing, the way they’re living, etc … BECAUSE THE PEOPLE THEY KNOW AREN’T AROUND TO SEE THE TRUTH!

I may even need bail $$ 😉

Here’s the thing ~ blogging is a way of journaling, a diary of sorts for some and people, if you can’t be honest in your own diary ~ step off !!!  Now, I’m not at all saying the majority of blogs are bullshit ~ there are numerous magnificent ones out there but there are those that are clearly a facade … clearly !!!  They are the ‘counterfeiters’ ~ Counterfeit People … and yes, we’ve ALL encountered them at one point or another in some way.  For me personally, I’ve not only encountered them, I’ve wrongly trusted and let in a few over the years.

My question to these and all other ‘counterfeiters’ is … ‘Why hide?’  Be honest, life is too short for lies, games & bullshit.  I guess for some jealousy, shame and embarrassement can be driving forces, but that’s just my opinion.  If you want to do something then actually do it, but don’t lie about doing it!  That doesn’t make you the ‘super hero’ you think you’ve become. That’s just sad!  If you have to lie about who you are, then you’re not worth my time.

Value comes from within ~~~~ and I have no time for ‘three dollar’ bills.  And hey, maybe I’m not worth your time either and that’s okay … I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and I’m soooooooooo okay with that.

Although this really irritates me, I don’t stress about it or lose sleep over it because I believe in ‘KARMA’.  Yes my friends, karma!  What goes around ALWAYS comes back around …

~ the truth ALWAYS comes out ~

Just sayin’ …

That’s just my opinion ~ what’s yours?

uyvs (update ya’ll very soon) ~ xoxo 


8 thoughts on “Three Dollar Bills

    1. Thank-you Rachel, and yes, people don’t always want the truth but that’s what they get with me xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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