Week 2 In The Jungle

Well, week two was a little better than the first, but not much.  Still electrical problems so the RV can’t run air, microwave etc …. properly.  Les is feeling better (other than a MAJOR meltdown a few days ago) … It was a doozy ya’ll !!!! 😉 SERIOUSLY !!!

‘Gone crazy’

 I stuck a stamp on him ’cause he went postal 😉 (almost sent him back to ya’ll)

Alot of stress and learning regarding the Immigration process and the vehicle permit issues … believe me when I say that it can be enough to drive someone around the bend & back again!!!  With the much guided help of a few wonderful people, we finally got it figured out (ending with a drive to the Belize border ~ 4 hours each way).

…you have NO idea… 😉

 Me, I’m not better, worse actually.  Today is day 2 in a 4 day series of hospital visits every 12 hours for medication injections and nebulizer treatments.  The virus in my vocal chords turned into an infection in the bronchial area and now a sinus cold on top of that. Dear lord, being a monkey’s dinner is still lookin’ kinda good !! 😉

The house is coming along … people ~ it is FREAKIN’ AMAZING so far.  Hopefully just another 3 weeks or so and it will be done and ready to move into 🙂 🙂 🙂  I would just like to say …. (I think I’ve said this before but I’m gonna say it again) …. Hawthorne & Isis (and the entire crew working on our home) ~ WE LOVE YOU .  You guys are ‘da bomb !!! 😉

Greg, I can’t begin to tell you how much we love you.  Thank-you for everything you are doing (or trying to do).

Aside from all the bumps this week, we’ve met some amazing people and for that, I’m grateful.  Things will only get better as we go along (I hope) and I’m looking forward to it 🙂

Stay tuned as we embark on week 3 …

uyvs ~ xoxo 

2 thoughts on “Week 2 In The Jungle

  1. Wow you guys. I hope you’re starting to feel better. If it were always easy and according to plan it wouldn’t be worthwhile and appreciated. Easy for me to say. I admire what you’re doing and want to visit. Sooner than later. Found out I can fly to Cancun cheaper than to Fort Mac from Vancouver. So let me know if you need anything.

    Always thinking of you


    1. as soon as the house is ready … you are more than welcome for a visit Coop, we miss you (and yes, we’ll send you a list) 😉

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