A Much Needed Update

 So, time for an update!  We’ve been at the beach now for close to a month and what a great month it has been.  There have been a few setbacks with the house’s ‘ready’ date (supposed to get the keys May 14th) and of course I’ve had a few cranky days over it but really, how much can I complain?  I’m living at the beach while we’re waiting! 😉

Paamul is such an awesome place to be.  Everyday we have the beach and the pool and the people.  I can’t complain!  We’re getting out and about a little more each week to explore Playa del Carmen and Tulum and everything in between.  Making new friends, adjusting and learning to just be.  Be who we are and enjoy where we are.

Tomorrow we’re meeting the builder’s at the house to see it’s progress (approx another week or so until completion) so getting close (again).  I haven’t posted any pictures in quite some time so I will be taking new pics so ya’ll can see how close we are … EEEEEEEEE!!!!  Exciting!  I’m not sure what excites me more … moving into the house or moving outta’ the RV 😉  Don’t get me wrong, the RV has been a godsend, HOWEVER you know what they say about too much of a good thing!  It was great for travelling the US, but now that we’re here and still living in it … I’m about DONE!

It will still come in handy, as we’re going to keep the RV here at Paa Mul so we have a weekend place on the beach to escape to from the jungle.  We love the people we’ve met here and Mack loves his new friends so coming here on the weekends will be a definate benefit!

So, we’re gettin’ ready to start the process of moving into the house … first step is getting our shipped boxes outta’ storage and to the house (which will be sometime in the next week) EEEEEE!!

It's comin' together :)
It’s comin’ together 🙂


uyvs ~ xoxo 


One thought on “A Much Needed Update

  1. Awesome,Awesome,and Awesome, yeah,getting the boxes, picking new furniture, all sooooo exciting,then………..the final big move,so excited for you!!!! Love you xoxoxoxoxo

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