Casa Del Secreto

We spent the day with a wonderful friend (one of THEE most amazing women I have ever had the privelege of knowing) at her home … ‘Casa del Secreto’ in Playa del Carmen.  And what a wonderful day it was.  Mack had the greatest time ~ playing in the ocean, trying to boogie board, kayaking with daddy, swimming in the pool and lounging in the hammock.  I swam in the ocean too … which is a VERY first in many many decades as I’m not an ocean person (jellyfish, child, trauma, looong story) 😉 HOWEVER, being that we were on what was once the Mayan Riviera’s most beautiful beach and in my opinion is again just that … I couldn’t resist!  Pure magnificence ~ it was spectacular.

Mack decided to try his hand at boogie boardin’ and then did a little kayaking with daddy …

A very special thank-you to Doy n’ the twins for the best day we’ve had so far since we arrived. Here’s a few pics of Doy, the twins Sara n’ Saylor and of course Miss Tessa …

After a long wonderful day, Mack chilled out in the hammock …

We look forward to many more afternoons together!

Hugs n’ loves xoxo

uyvs ~xoxo 

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