Need Help?

Do you have questions or need help in the following areas?

Buying or Selling real estate in Mexico?

Construction in Mexico?

Want to build your dream home?

City Hall/Municipalities?



Immigrating to Mexico?

Shipping personal items?

Driving across the border?

Temporary / Permanent Residency?

Vehicle Permits?

Lawyers and/or Notaries?

Insurance?  (Health ~ Medical ~ Home ~ Vehicle)

Having just moved here and gone through all of the above (and then some), we know !!!  We know how hard it can be and how frustrating it can become.  Even years of prior research doesn’t always give you the answers you need (it didn’t with us) 😉  What we learned was how beneficial it was to know someone familiar in these areas and what a saving grace that can be.

Let us be your ‘boots on the ground’.

UPDATE:  MAY/24/2017

Due to some unexpected & untimely medical issues once we arrived and began to adjust to living in paradise, we also have PLENTY of experience with the Medical Services in Mexico including Medical Crises Abroad, Hospitals, Insurance, Surgeries and Patient Care (both public and private facilities)  


Contact us for more information 🙂

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