Tomorrow Isn’t Promised

There are no promises …

… live well, laugh lots and love deeply ~ because tomorrow is never promised.

 Tragically, Sunday, April 28th brought this realization to the Sachdeva family of our hometown (Surrey, BC).  Six lives lost.  Gone are 5 family members, including 2 children and the driver (and sole occupant) of the second vehicle.

  So tragic.  So heartbreaking.  One moment ~ took away Mr. Sachdeva’s family, leaving him to raise baby twins on his own.  Lost are his mother, wife, sister, 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter.

We’ll never know why this happened that day ~ we’re just left with the consequences.  Mr. Gore, the driver who ran the red light was, at the time, the sole survivor of the accident. Following surgery for a brain tumor found as a result of the accident, he too has now lost his life.

Our thoughts, prayers, hugs n’ loves go out to Mr. Sachdeva and to the Gore family in this tragic time.

uyvs ~ xoxo 

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