Hurricane Barbara’s Ass End

Our first Hurricane (well, ass end of a Hurricane) in Mexico …

Hurricane Barbara hit Mexico’s southern Pacific coast making landfall in Chiapas (not close to us).  Although only a ‘category 1’, 2 people died, one local and one US tourist. Downgraded to a tropical depression … we would get her ass end as she moved out to the water  … and yup, we got her ass end!

Here’s the thing, it’s now the 3rd day (for us) – and her ASS STILL SEEMS TO BE HERE!  The night of the 1st was filled with monsterous winds, flooding rains, booming thunder and an amazing show of lightening that lit up the skies.  Cool ?  Yup yup yup 😉 !!!  Since it eased off somewhere around 4am on the 2nd, we decided it would be a great day to walk around ‘5th ave’ in Playa del Carmen.  Great plan huh ?  Well, UNTIL the downpours started again while we were walking !!!!  For those of you who know Playa del Carmen, Playacar had lots of flooding.  For those of you who don’t know the area … ‘Playacar’ is what some call the ‘Beverly Hills’ of the area.  Numerous houses flooded with up to 2 feet + of water from the rain the night before … We needed rain, but um … I don’t think this is what we all had in mind!

Again, the rain continued last night but not nearly as heavy.  This morning however, holy shit !!! It’s baaaaack, as is the thunder.  The roads are rivers again. Oh hello Vancouver, so nice to see you! 😉 hahahahaha

Ya’ll know Barbara is definitely a woman ~ ’cause she’s packin’ a damn good punch (and appears to be a little moody and undecisive too) 😉

Will keep you posted …

uyvs ~ xoxo 



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