We Are Guests

The past few months here in Mexico have given me the opportunity to observe people’s behaviour.  People watching is always fun however there are some that can completely ruin your day.  These are the people who refer to the locals as ‘those people’.  REALLY?  It’s sad to think that people have that mentality WHILE they are living here … in ‘those people’s’ country.

I find it amusing when I ask people why they moved here to Mexico and their response, 9 times out of 10, is ‘the people’.  A love for the Mexican people.  So, please tell me what’s changed?  If that’s the reason you came here, what has changed so drastically that you treat the locals as ‘those people’?  Somes’ actions are absolutely disgusting as are the things some say.  You give the rest of us who have moved here for the true love of the people and culture a bad name.  Last time I checked, this was their country ~ we are guests here.

Just sayin’ …

uyvs ~ xoxo 

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