Happy Birthday ‘Brady’

  22 years ago today @ 5:03 pm I learned what it meant to love … to love unconditionally … to love whole heartedly.  This blind date led me to the love of my life 

Brady Alexander
Brady Alexander 7/91
Brady Alexander 6/09
Brady Alexander 6/09

I never knew what love was until I heard your first cry.  You changed my life in so many ways ~ too many to list.  Bringing you into this world made me a selfless person, as you were now my world, my heartbeat and my soul 

I am so proud of the man you’ve become and the future you hold in your hands.  I thank god everyday that I am your mother.

Have a wonderful birthday my precious baby boy.

 Love always, Mommy

xoxo xoxo ♥ xoxo 



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