Kickin’ Ass

  I am sending my purest wishes, thoughts and love to my friend JV – as today he embarks on the beginning of a fight in which he will most definately … ‘KICK ASS’

You see, I have a friend … my best friend.  Even though we haven’t been married for years n’ years n’ years n’ years … he is my best friend. I know I am not his, however he remains mine. Even during the times when I did not deserve his friendship, he was still there ~ always ~ no questions asked. Anytime I needed something, there he was. Although I’m in a different country now, I still know that if he could, at the drop of a hat, he would be there if I truly needed him.

We have created a unique (some would call it odd) family with the kids and Les and Mack and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

However, now it is I who is here ~ at the drop of a hat ~ when he needs me ~ always.

And we are family … for always n’ ever 

Our Crazee (Unique) Family
Our Crazee (Unique) Family

2 thoughts on “Kickin’ Ass

  1. Good evening ..I was thinking of you guys and saw the above blog..its beautiful and true.. family is a unique set of souls all joined together… miss u all and hope to see you soon.. lexy and teito cat

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