What a wonderful night !!!  Security came to get us to tell us the baby sea turtles were hatching so we ran to the beach (as quietly) but as fast as we could and there they were …  At the same time just 10 feet away was a mama sea turtle digging her hole to lay her eggs (which will hatch in 60 days).  How wonderful and blessed were were to be able to see both at the same time 

Here’s a few picks of the baby sea turtles who have JUST hatched and are trying to find their way to the water … Their mama laid these eggs about 60 days ago.  Nature is beautiful !

Here is a mama who came ashore to dig her hole, lay her eggs and then re-bury them … and YUP, you guessed it, in about 60 days these little guys will hatch and begin their journey to the ocean as well.

 Such a tough (and EXHAUSTING) process for mama … but once she’d buried them, she went back to the ocean.

Here’s a wonderful short video of her laying some eggs (I could only shoot very briefly though) …

Nature is such an amazing thing !!! 

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