Dare To Dream

Years ago,  I never would have dreamed of living in Mexico but here I am … living in the Riviera Maya.

Years of research however, brought out such excitement … so many things to see, so much to learn, always something to do … excitement was everywhere.   AND THEN … there we were, falling in love with a beautiful piece of the world … buying 5 acres … building ‘what was supposed to be’ my dream home (some errors along the way have changed the house somewhat).  Did I ever think that at the age of 40 (when we arrived) that this is where I’d be?  Absolutely not !!!  Perhaps a dream for that ’65’ age of retirement though … but here we are ~  just living life.

I find it so amusing though how some think we just ‘decided’ to move and that’s that.  Let me fill you in on a little secret ….. here goes ….. it took YEARS and YEARS of 18-20 hour work days, going without to ensure the kids had everything they needed and wanted, sacrifices no one knows anything about, hard work (extremely hard work) a desire for change and dedication to get to where we are today.  Now, with 3 grown successful children  back home that I couldn’t be any prouder of if I tried, here we are in Mexico with our youngest son who just recently turned 11.  Never in a million years did I think I would be raising him abroad.

Living in a country with so many misconceptions isn’t always easy though, let me tell ya’ … (I reeeeeeeally wish people would do their research before engaging in verbal diarrhea) … it’s really somewhat annoying.  I will tell you this though, I feel much safer here than I ever would (or did) back home ~ walking the dog, shopping at the mall, driving, having dinner at a restaurant, doing errands, etc … but it’s funny how people who don’t see things for what they really are (or at least won’t admit to it) or haven’t done the research on something they know nothing of … don’t want to (or can’t) understand that.  I must say that financially though, phew … what a relief  … people can afford to live here!!!  What a concept eh?

And let’s not forget the Caribbean Ocean, the people, the storms and hurricanes, the history, the culture, the wonders, new friends, the lifestyle, the food,  the experiences, etc …

‘Dare to dream ~ it’s within your reach’

~ however, always remember that lows come with the highs ~

 ‘What an amazing gift you’re giving your child’ we’re told …

‘What child wouldn’t want to live in paradise?’ they say …

‘Did we make the right choice?  I quietly wonder …

uyvs ~ xoxo 


One thought on “Dare To Dream

  1. Only you can decide if you made the right choice, but me, I think you did, what an awesome journey you’ve had, all the ups and downs and disappointments (with the house) are all part of the plan and life, new friends, new home, new cultures, such a different way of life and awesome beauty everywhere .tranquility and peace (most of the time,hahaha) and this whole blog is wonderful, you’ve put a lot of hard work into it and it shows. Love you. xoxoxoxoxo

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