XPLOR – Mack n’ Daddy Day

Today was Daddy n’ Mack day … and they went to ‘XPLOR’


 Let me explain a little about what ‘XPLOR’ is ..

65 million years ago, an asteroid struck the Yucatan Peninsula, passing through the Earth’s atmosphere and ending an era. Dinosaurs became extinct, and new forms of life began to inhabit the planet. Beneath the surface also changes were happening, the basin formed by the huge crater began to fill with water, which began seeping beneath the surface and tore large caverns. That was how over millions and millions of years, nature carved the underground passages of Xplor – an adventure park that we can enjoy. 

Xplor Park, a unique underground world, a place for you to rediscover your emotions and senses through nature. Sliding down on zip lines that have a height ranging from 8 to 45 meters, flying through the air and getting ready to experience the sensation of speed, explore from the heights of the park its natural beauty, finishing your journey landing in the crystal clear waters of the cenotes where you will find amazing suspension bridges.

You can drive all-terrain amphibious vehicles through spectacular jungle trails and fascinating caves. During the trip you can challenge the water level and marvel at the ancient rock formations. Go beyond the surface and set sail paddling rafts with your hands through underwater caves and discover the fascinating grottoes and the extraordinary rock formations. Swim along the river between stalactites and stalagmites in this amazing underground world.

Fascinating?  You have no idea !!!

So with that in mind … imagine the day they had together!!!  Here are some pics of the spectacular rock formations and underground caves …  NATURE IS AMAZING !!!

Amazing isn’t it?  If you haven’t been while here in Mexico – IT IS A MUST !!!

Here’s Mack n’ Daddy doing the tour on the ‘amphibious vehicles’

Now after all that playing – one would get hungry right?  Have no fear …

YUM !!! As much as you can eat YUM !!! 🙂  All the fruit juices you can drink,  health drinks not to mention the specialty coffees (for those who need to sit back and just relax with some java).  ALL INCLUDED IN YOUR PASS !!!

So, here’s what I think ‘XPLOR’ is famous for (other than the above) … the ‘ZIPLINES’ … now, keep in mind … you WILL get lots of exercise climbing each tower so be ready !!! 😉

An amazing day for Daddy n’ Mack 

Mack n’ Daddy Day

The parking is great (free AND secure) and the staff is beyond amazing !!!  I highly recommend a visit if you haven’t been here before.  You’ll have a fabulous day with wonderful memories for years to come !


2 thoughts on “XPLOR – Mack n’ Daddy Day

  1. This sounds like a incredible place to visit ,now I’ve been to some parks like this but non I have ever been too provide the food in the pictures,all I can say is WOW,I really thank you for all your efforts in providing other explorers with all the information in your blog.

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