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After recently spending 25 days in the hospital in a foreign country … I have to say that in MY experience, the Medical System here in Mexico was like no other I have ever experienced.  The care, the equipment, the doctors, etc … are far superior than anything I ever received in Canada. Shocking?  Yes, I was shocked.  I see now why many travel abroad for medical care.

‘Hospiten’, both in Playa del Carmen and Cancun are excellent and deliver quality care – again, this is in ‘MY’ experience.  The doctors cared enough to find out what was wrong, rather than throwing pills and saying ‘here you go, all better now’.

Now, don’t get me wrong, 25 days in any hospital is not fun, especially when you have a family you’d rather be home with.  However, the care I received simply made the process a good one, even given the circumstances.  The doctors, nurses and hospital staff – amazing !!!  I would like to thank Dr. Ibarra and Dr. Acosta from Hospiten in Cancun along with Dr. Rico from Hospiten in Playa del Carmen.  A very special thank-you goes out to Dorothy of Hospiten in Cancun and to Diego from GPA Consultores  – thank-you for all of your hard work!  It’s not over yet, but we’re getting there 😉


uyvs ~ xoxo 

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  1. So happy that you got such awesome care and such caring doctors and staff that went the extra miles until the problem was found and taken care of, you never would have gotten this so quickly in BC ,if at all.

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