Brady’s Visit

JUST WHAT THE DR. ORDERED !!!  A visit from my baby boy (and his BFF Mattie and Mattie’s girlfriend Nicole).  In on New Year’s Eve (well, Mattie n’ Nicole anyway) – Brady didn’t fly in until the next day (that’s a whole other story 😉 )

ONE WEEK with Brady, Mattie and Nicole.  I was sooooooo excited!  My baby boy was back in my arms, even if only for a short time!

‘Da boys havin’ a pool day !!! 🙂

Just chillin’ … 😉

Our day in PaaMul …

We had an amazing week, mostly doing nothing but relaxing!  I can’t believe time went so fast … it went too fast 🙁 I wish they had stayed longer.  But … all great things must come to an end 🙁

Ready for the airport …

It was such an amazing week – and definately JUST what the Dr. ordered !!! 

uyvs ~ xoxo 



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