I Survived

There are several people wondering what happened to the blog … why did it slow down so much … why is no one updating it?  Well, I will tell you.

After months of being sick and after a long stay (almost a month between Oct-Nov 2013) in ‘Hospiten’ Cancun and an unexpected surgery (ending with the removal of 40cm’s of my colon) in early November, I was finally starting to feel a little better.  So I thought.  I felt better for a little while but then felt like I just couldn’t shake it.  I wasn’t healing.  A few months after the surgery, I still wasn’t able to keep anything in, couldn’t get back over 100 lbs and just felt ‘blah’.

A few months later, I got what they thought was Dengue Fever.  After 2 trips to the Hospiten in Playa del Carmen, they then thought it might be Shingles virus.  I was sick and again, alone.  Les had to work and it was hard to take care of Mack when most days I couldn’t get out of bed.

So, March 1/2014 my mother flew down for 3 weeks.  Obviously she couldn’t make ‘me’ physically better but having her here was a godsend.  She was here and I had my mommy!  Mack had his nana and Les didn’t have to worry as much anymore.  I had someone with me all the time.  It was great!  That was Saturday … Monday I was admitted to the hospital until Wednesday.  Great start to our visit eh?  We had wonderful days & nights together (not doing much of anything because I wasn’t feeling well enough but still so wonderful all the same).

Then … on the morning of March 10 everything changed.


I felt a pop in my stomach.  I thought I pulled something (perhaps the colon) due to the recent surgery.  The pain was so intense but I told my mom that if I could just lay down, maybe the pain would subside.  She insisted I go to the hospital, but I wanted to wait until Les got home from work, as he knows how to do all the paperwork etc … at the hospital.  It got worse throughout the day but again I decided to wait.  Les got home later that afternoon and took me to the hospital.  My mom stayed here with Mack and we thought we’d be back by that evening.  We were wrong.

I remember being brought into the ER.  I remember looking around, hearing the nurses and doctors and knowing by what they were saying that things weren’t good.  I then remember seeing my specialist standing in the hallway at the foot of my bed and knowing that the look on his face wasn’t good and I remember my mom (who hadn’t come with us) squeezing my hand and telling me to fight.  That’s all I remember.

The Doctor had suggested Les have someone bring my mother and Mack to the hospital.  I was going in for emergency surgery and fast.  I was dying…

But I woke up the next morning.  My surgeon was standing over my bed, telling me he wasn’t sure last night that this conversation would happen.  He didn’t think I was going to make it … he didn’t think he was going to be able to save me … BUT I SURVIVED.  I survived because my surgeon, Dr. Rico (Hospiten Playa del Carmen) saved my life .. POINT BLANK PERIOD.

From what I understand  …  (and from seeing the scar that goes from pubic bone up to the top of my ribs) … he had to go in fast.  But once he got in, it wasn’t the bowel like he had thought it might be.  I had a gastric ulcer that perforated my stomach and the acid from the ulcer scalded my kidney, liver and lungs, collapsed my lungs, etc …  It was a mess in there.  Hours later, I was rushed by ambulance from Playa Del Carmen to the ICU in Hospiten Cancun.  Something changed and I was going downhill again.  Tubes everywhere!  Once in Cancun ICU, things started to look up.  My levels started to increase, my lungs started to re-inflate, I could breathe again (but still only with help) and my organs seemed to start working properly.  ICU removed my drains, put in a central line (in the neck) and in 48 hours or so, I got to go to my own room.  Still unable to eat though (8 days with no food or water) 🙁  Thank-you Dr. Ibarra.

Things just got better from there.  Mack, Les and Mom came as often as they could but not everyday as it was such a long drive.  Even had ‘the girls’ come and visit one day (THANKS RACHEL).  After about a week in Cancun, I was released and allowed to come home.

I came home on a Thursday evening and my mommy had to leave that Saturday morning.  We got Friday together but we also had a few days together before all this happened.  I am so thankful she was here when this happened so Mack had his nana, his security.  It’s been almost 5 weeks now since the surgery and healing is going slow but well.  I feel better everyday however like anything … there are still a few bad days in between the good ones.

But … I am alive  … and still on this crazee adventure!

Familia por la vida Dr. Rico y Dr. Ibarra 

uyvs – xoxo 

4 thoughts on “I Survived

  1. It was the scariest time EVER!!!!and I thank God EVERY DAY that she is such a fighter and so happy I was there to help in some way, Carrie, you have many angels on your shoulders and the will to LIVE.You did it, just keep getting healthier and healthier every day and take good care of yourself.We love you soooo much.
    Mom and Dad xoxoxoxo

  2. Hi;

    I am so glad that your Mom was able to spend time with you. Carrie you have gone thru such a horrific ordeal, now is the time to get better and enjoy life. Take care.

    With love from Bunny

  3. I m so sorry to hear that you have been said we wish you all the bed in a speedy recovery know that we are there for you in our thoughts and prayers We are glad to hear that you’re on the road to recovery
    I do envy you for being in Tulum I’d love to live there I just can’t afford it with things going the way they are here but someday maybe we will eventually retire into the Riviera Maya good luck to you and les and we wish you all the luck in the world in my heart and prayers are with you for your speedy recovery

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