Down Sized

One of the most important lessons I’ve come to realize on this journey is that ‘less is more’.  Now that’s something that a few years ago I would never have said or agreed with.  Now however, I have come to realize just how true the saying is.

Let’s start with our life in Canada.  18+ hour days, big house, pool, playhouse, yard, RV, 3 businesses, vacations, etc…  What did it all mean?  It meant missing out on watching the kids grow up.  It meant working … not for a purpose, but to pay more bills!  So when we designed our dream house for Mexico what did we do?  We did the same thing……….Big House.  At the time, lots of space meant comfort so the bigger our space the more comfortable we’d be … or so I thought.

So, now we have this amazing 5 bedroom house on 5 acres in the jungle in Mexico however, it’s too big.  I never thought about the time this takes away until we were faced with it again here in Tulum.  We realized that we didn’t need so much space ~ and shockingly, we were happy with this realization.  People have assumed that we are living here, enjoying the house and living our dream.  We are here and we are living the dream but the house is no longer a part of that.   We are still living in our RV.  Why you ask?  Happiness.

Living simple ~ that’s the key.  All the years of accumulating things we thought were important, hoarding, buying things we didn’t need just because we could, abusing utilities, waste … wow, what the hell were we thinking?

TIME…the most valuable gift in life … is precious.  So, the house is for sale and we are living in the RV preparing for our next adventure.  Looking back, I’m saddened by the way we used to live.  The things we pushed aside out of pure ignorance…the importance we put on ‘items’ seeems so irrevelant now.  So what it important?  Time, family and true friends.  A tough lesson to learn but one very worth learning.  I’m amazed on a daily basis how happy we are with simple living.  Working for the sole purpose of keeping up on bills, to buy more things, to have the newest items just to wake up the next morning and put in another 18-20 hour day just seems so pointless now.  We missed so much.

The light at the end of the tunnel … it’s never to late.  Yes, we can’t change what we’ve missed but we can try to make up for it in the future.  A simple change of focus and re-evaluation of the importance of ‘things’ can change so much ~ if you’re willing.

I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge I’ve accumulated so far on this crazee adventure.  Life … can be whatever you want it to be ~ just remember to choose wisely!

Just sayin’ …

uyvs ~ 



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