Dreaming ~ Doing

Have you ever had a dream?  Did you follow it through or did you just assume you didn’t have the time to pursue it?  Here’s my advice … DO IT!  It’s never too late to start living your dreams.  You just need to decide how important it is to you.

do u dream follow u'r dreams

We have been living our dream for just over 2 years now.  Is it everything we PLANNED?  No.  Is it everything we expected?  Not in the least!  Is it everything we dreamed of?  Not quite!  BUT, I would do it over again.  ‘Why’? … you must be asking yourself and calling me crazee…well, because of everything I have learned.  Yes, that is my final answer.

It was having this dream that made me who I am today.  The ups, the downs, the excitement, the surprises, the lows, the unexpected, the dangerous, the grief, the joys, the depression, the pride and the pure happiness.  What have I learned?  I have learned about strength, endurance, triumph and most of all I have learned about myself.  Where did this all take me?  I’ll get back to you on that in a bit!

Hindsight is always 20/20 and yes, there would be things I would change if I could go back to the beginning of this.  However, for the most part ~ I wouldn’t change much.  I believe everything happens for a reason, even if I don’t always understand the reason!  I have learned so much!  A few of my biggest lessons …

  • Family IS everything!
  • Less REALLY is more!
  • Dreams ARE achievable!

Would I recommend everyone follow their dreams?  ABSOLUTELY!  You may have a few regrets along the way but what you will learn … is priceless.   Life and it’s experiences are worth more than life in a cubicle.  Would I have said that 10 years ago?  Probably not … however we’ve learned how short life can be and how precious it is.

it's u'r time


When I look back on what we’ve seen, what we’ve learned and what we’ve accomplished since starting this, I look back in awe that we actually did it.  Fondest memories so far …

  • Finishing our dream home!
  • Mack going to an international school & wearing his uniform w/ such pride!
  • Brady getting his own apartment & his dream job!
  • Ryleigh getting her car and exceling in college & soccer!
  • Kayla getting married!
  • My husband’s unconditional love & support!
  • Surviving ~ against all odds!

I am grateful that I can look back in 30 years with my memories, rather than looking back with regret saying ‘I wish I would have …’  I hope I teach my children that pursuing what you want (whether people think you’re crazy or not) is worth it.  Without change, there is no growth.  We have all grown so much these last 2 years and in ways none of us could have ever imagined.  Do I think this ‘change’ would have happened if we didn’t embark on this journey … NO, I DON’T.

I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned … and the most important one … my 2 older children are adults now, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still my babies.  They still need me and I still need them.  They are my purpose ~ they are my heart!

love kids strength

They are the air that I breathe and the reason I am here.

For me, dreams are nothing without friends and family!

If you have that ~ you have everything!


So, getting back to where this has all taken me … it has taken me to a place of new appreciation.  For life, for love, for family and for friends.  Making memories is what it’s all about!  Follow your dreams and never hold back!

uyvs ~ 

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