Koko Loko


Formerly ‘RAFAELA‘ located in Playacar, Phase 2 Subdivision and now located at Av. 10 esq. Calle 40 PLAYA DEL CARMEN.  This little restaurant makes the best Chochinita Pibil we have found ANYWHERE!

Along with the Cochinita, they have ‘Torta De Pierna Adobada’ which is also fabulous!  (However, my favorite remains the Cochinita Pibil Torta) 😉  Now, let’s talk hamburguesas … ‘GOURMET CARNE KOBE‘ ~ 100% Organica.

Ensaladas, Tamales (Estilo D.F.), Chilaquiles, Tacos, Papas Fritas, and Natural Juices.  The ‘Super Verde‘ juice is amazing!

The prices are fabulous … and nothing beats ‘Servicio a Domicillo’ !!!

Phone: 984-147-8295 Cell & WhatsApp: 984-145-6255

What are you waiting for?

(pics to follow in a few weeks)

uyvs ~ 

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  1. Hey

    Just wanted to say thanks for your blog we had been in Playa and found most places on 5th little over priced but we went to this place and had a blast the owner is really friendly and provided great service thank you


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