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Well, we just thought we would provide some insight regarding mechanical challenges on our adventure!

Let us start by saying that no matter how prepared you are … expect to be challenged with something you are not going to be prepared for … this we learned.

Traveling across the USA we really didn’t have too many issues … we had to replace a plug after boarding a ferry just outside of Galveston, Texas but a couple of hours of work and we were able to replace it while stopped in a rest area.  Moving forward, we lost the motor on our electronic stairs and wind sensor on our awning but thanks to Lazy Days in Tampa, Florida all was fixed by their incredible staff and facility.  Further along we had few issue with our tow vehicle, the Jeep Liberty and required a seal to be replaced.  This was no real big deal and we had our RV serviced at a Ford dealership in Orlando, Florida with great service and friendly staff.

So going through Mexico we had no major issues except for a radiator clamp that needed to be replaced and thanks to the ‘Green Angels’, we were good to go.  Now for the most part it has been not too eventful, as you know traveling as much as we have,  you are bound to have some challenges along the way.

Now this is when it gets a little challenging.   When we arrived in Mexico all was good but in August of 2013 we ran into an issue with our RV not running.   It would turn over sometimes but not everytime.  Uh oh!   So after checking things over, it seemed the starter had died.  Ok, easy fix right?  Just replace the starter!  So that’s what we did!  Once we replaced it all appeared back to normal.  Appearances can be deceiving!!!

SURPRISE … it happened again but this time it was coded as a P607 error code, and this is not a good one.  Now being in a foreign country where things are not easy to obtain and not to mention sometimes communications can be a challenge.  After reading on line, checking and cleaning all the ground connections we were STILL having an issue. But it seemed the battery we had bought at Costco in Oregon was not fully functioning so we took it into the Costco in Cancun and with no questions asked, they simply provided a new one … but this did not solve the problem. GEEZ!

Now it was time to go to the next step.  Remember, the RV is STILL not running and Cancun is a good 1 hour from our location.   So … off we went to the Ford Dealership in Cancun and explained our issue.  They phoned the dealership in Playa Del Carmen which was much closer to us. Upon attending the dealership in Playa Del Carmen, we met with the Service Manager who introduced us to Victor.  Now keep in mind this is a Georgetown RV and not something you see everyday in Mexico. So Victor arranged for his techs to come out to where we are living in the RV and look at our vehicle.  They packed up their tools and computer so they would have everything they needed to trouble shoot the RV.  It did not take very long to come to the conclusion that the PCM (main computer that controls the engine) was malfunctioning.  They tried to re-flash it to see if it was a simple programming issue but this was not the case and it was in need of replacement.

Ford warranty searched for a replaement and found one at a dealership in Alabama.  Now, we had gone through Alabama on our travels and people we met were really nice there and once again this proved to be true after calling and speaking to the dealership ~ we were able to get our new PCM .  Once it arrived we contacted the dealership in Playa Del Carmen (Ford Riviera Maya) who once again loaded up their equipment and off to the RV location they went.  After swapping out and reprogramming the new PCM we now once again have a running RV.  THANK-YOU!

A special thanks to all those who have helped us along the way and a very special thank-you goes out to the service staff at FORD RIVIERA MAYA!

Ford Riviera Maya Manager: Julian Javier Victor Manuel Hebert Ivit Roger Pech
Ford Riviera Maya
Manager: Julian Javier
Victor Manuel
Hebert Ivit
Roger Pech

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