Cherry Creek Chevron

 So, here we are driving through Texas (between Pecos and Van Horn) when all of a sudden … yup, you guessed it ~ WE RAN OUT OF GAS!  WTF?  Um, HELP!

Good thing we were towing the jeep!  So, off goes Les, unhooks the jeep, goes back to the last exit and grabs 2 Jerry Cans of gas from the Chevron station we had just passed!  Meanwhile, Mack and I get to hang out in the RV on the side of the highway!  Les comes back, however there isn’t even gas to make it to the next station so again, we return (this time with the RV) to the Chevron at the previous exit.  Sure enough, we’re ALMOST there, and it seems as though the 2 cans weren’t quite enough!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  We have 1 mile to go…and by the grace of everyone above, we actually make it to the pump … by coasting!

We fill up the RV, go inside and grab a few snacks …

… and there we meet some WONDERFUL people!  Debbie Beauchamp, who owns the Cherry Creek Chevron with her husband Davey, and her daughter Calli and a co-worker, Alicia.  Debbie … was kind enough to buy back the 2 gas cans we had just purchased, then offered us snacks and drinks ~ AND WOULD NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!  She’s a tough little cookie! 😉

We stayed for a while, conversated and had a wonderful time getting to know these wonderful people.  It’s been a long time since we’ve encountered such genuine strangers, who are now forever in our hearts.  We will definately make our way back to specifically visit this family!

So, far all of you who might be travelling I-10 through Texas … you will find ‘Cherry Creek Chevron’ located at Exit 181 I-10 West (between Pecos & Van Horn).  You won’t be disappointed with the service, smiles and genuineness of the staff!  I promise!

Some shots from our new found photo man … Mackenzie 😉 …

Debbie, Calli & Alicia … thank-you for your hospitality ~ we will never forget you or what you brought to our lives in such a short period of time 

uyvs ~ xoxo 

2 thoughts on “Cherry Creek Chevron

  1. Wonderful story. Don’t try that with a diesel engine. You will pay for road service to prime the fuel system. We always start looking for a fuel stop with no less than 1/2 a tank, especially once we get west of San Antonio in Texas. It is the only place I know – well other than the roads to Alaska – where the next fuel may be more than 100 mile.

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