Dear Mexico

11/25/2014 – 2:32pm ~

Dear Mexico,

Thank-you for everything…especially saving my life We had some great times eh? … along with some bad times too, but that’s okay I will never forget the lessons you taught me, or the people you brought into our lives (good and bad)! The good ones will always have a special place in my life and my heart and the bad ones, well, they were great lessons!

This isn’t goodbye, it’s ‘until we meet again’ … xoxoxo

Special shout outs to Andrea Martin, Jus Tine, Mamacita, Pepe, Maurice & Linda Fazio, Toni & Dani Fazio, Rachel Kielly & Jorge Rojas, Leslie Early, Cecil & Brenda McLure, Kathy & Duke Doering, Giorgio & Kiko, David & Mercedes, Bill & Carol Plaut, Bekke & Brad Roberts, Kim & Mike Kilmer, Jerry & Jennifer Moore, Jim, Angel, Aiden, Sioban & Alanna O’Keefe, Dick & Andrea Watkins, John & Debra Everett, Maureen Brown, GG & Papa Joe Vinson, Shawn Davis, Dr. Paco, Danny & Cindy Ballard, Kalu DaSilva, Sixto and all the Security Staff, the Maintenance Crew and the staff at Restaurante Paamul (especially Enrique & Martin) ~ I love you guys!  ….. thanks for making ‘Paamul’ a wonderful place to be! You are ALL forever family!

(for those who’s pics aren’t above, I didn’t have one 🙁 )

To the staff at Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa and UVC, thanks for everything! A great bunch of people who have touched our hearts forever!

Instituto Tepeyac Xcaret Campus ~ Mackenzie had a wonderful year of memories and great times. We will definately miss you all ~ (especially Ms. Marilou, Ms. Maria, Ms. Lulu and you Ms. Tami Dacks) xoxo

Los Arboles Tulum Green Development ~ We love you Greg, Monse, Patricia, Hawthorne, Isis, Mikael, Ashley & Ivan, Tony & Family, the Maintenance Crew and the Security Team xoxo

BIG BIG BIG SPECIAL shout outs to Dr. Ibarra & the staff at Hospiten Cancun & Dr. Rico @ Hospiten Playa del Carmen (& Dorothy & Diego) ~ without you guys, I wouldn’t be here typing this ~ I have learned how quick your last breath can sneak up on you and I am forever grateful … I promise I will live this second chance to the fullest ~ up to 105lbs now WHOOT WHOOT!

Until we meet again … drink a beer!

Les Mitchell, MacKenzie Mitchell, Ryleigh Valentino & Brady Valentino ~ thank-you for ‘loving me back to life’   xoxoxo 

For always n’ ever ~ SOY MEXICANO!

uyvs ~ xoxo 

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